Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Naxxramas Completed!

Naxxramas Cleared!

Well guys, Here is to completing Naxxramas on Normal and finishing all of the class challenges!

Now I say "Cleared" because it is not yet completed. I still have the Heroic Mode I promised I would work on for you guys. That's my next step, and after that some deck building tips.

Just so everyone knows, The Construct Quarter did take a bit of strategy, which I will explain in a post, and then Frostwing Lair was fairly straightforward (as long as you are a problem solver).

I will post videos and guides shorty, and then we will move on to heroic. As always, you can check out my Twitch @, or my youtube @

Thanks for your time, as always.
-Fallzen/Rellik Zero