Friday, October 19, 2012

Ding! You have reached Level 90! / Yul Wildpaw


So, I ended up with about 3+ bars left 'til level 90 earlier this morning after running a few random dungeons. I found a really nice spot on the Serpent's Spine that has almost instant spawn level 90 mobs. It took probably about 10-20 minutes to finish off those bars by farming the mantids there.
Now I'm max level and it is time to start getting daily quest hubs ready and start building a raiding/pvp set.

Achievement Progress: [Glorious!]

Yul Wildpaw (31, 61 Townlong Steppes) - This guy was kind of tough for me since i'm a melee class and have to be next to the target - most of the time. After a few wipes and figuring out his rotation, i found that the best way to down him, as far as Ret pallys go anyways, is to run when he begins casting his Spining Crane Kick and running back to him as quickly as possible. he shouldnt be that far from you anyways. The BIG part is interupting his Healing Mists spell. the cooldown is not too short. If my
R\ebuke or Arcane Torrent was not up when he was casting this, i would use Blinding Light or Hammer of Justice to interupt him.