Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Rare Mobs and more Rare Mobs

Update for you! Yay!

In the small amount of time I have had this week I've been working on dailies and rare mobs.

Achievement Progress: [Glorious!]

The Yowler (Townlong Steppes 67, 73) - This is guy is fairly simple, especially at 90. He will throw a [Bananarang] . Be sure to dodge it on the 2 times it comes around (outbound throw and it coming back to the caster). He will also go crazy, [Going Bananas] . Just be sure to heal up if you failed to dodge the attack and he hits you. Other than that he is tank and spank all the way.

Kah'tir (Townlong Steppes 62,34) - This Mogu Warrior has the same abilities as all other rare Mogus. I had to fly over him and drop in the path behind him, and kill a patrol on it to be able to pull him with out adds. He will summon Quillen during the fight; all that is needed here is to aoe them down if you can so you can till continue to dps Kah'tir. 

He has an ability called [Devistating Arc] which will look like a half 180 degree half-circle while he is casting. Make sure you run straight through him (easiest move for me being melee class) to get to the unaffected side. He shouldn't turn towards you or anything. As long as you keep these things in mind he should be no problem at all.